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  Get ready for Sat. June 25, 2011!
  presented by the Seattle Museum of the Mysteries

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  The Seattle Museum of the Mysteries was proud to host the second   annual
  Capitol Hill Pride Festival 2010 on Broadway
  Saturday June 26, 2010
  A free all ages family fun festival celebrating diversity and community pride.  
  The festival is open to everyone, LGBT, straight and anyone of any background.   

  For a Full Poster PDF Click HERE   

 Lion Dance by Mak Fai Martial Artists open the festival

 Leon Hendrix Band
 Leon Hendrix is the younger brother of Jimi Hendrix

 Massive Monkees does a dance crew move in front of a huge crowd. Special mention to bestwalkingfeet.com, their shoe sponsor. The site is a great resource for people looking for dancing and walking sneakers, even top rated shoes for standing all day.

 Couple listens to George Bakken, Editor of the Seattle Gay News

 Beatrice is the winner of the 2010 Doggie Drag Costume Contest
 Congratulations! Photo by Jake Varga

  A five block festival between E. John and Roy St. on Broadway.
  Featuring four public stages, and over 100 Booths and Vendors!
  Live Entertainment, Music, Singing, Doggie Drag Costume Contest, and Face /   Body Painting.

  The festival is expanding three more blocks North on Broadway and is now between   E. John and Roy St.
  For the first year the festival received over 5,000 visitors with virtually   no advertising.
  This second year the attendance is expected to be 7-10,000 visitors.
  The third year?



 Seattle's Leon Hendrix Band

 EriAm Sisters from Renton WA

 Massive Monkeys

Schedule           and Entertainers - confirmed to date
          Subject to change
          Parents: All ages venue planned till 6pm unless otherwise indicated,           adult material after 6pm
          Look for the Kids Zone Fairy Circle Stage near Joule Apartments! Toddlers           to Tweens Noon to 6pm 

 Mark Finley - MC host for U.S. Bank Stage at Casa Del Ray
 The Capitol Hill Pride Festival is proud to announce Mark ³Mom² Finley as MC for the Capitol Hill Pride Festival 2010 on Broadway.

Finley went on to study and perform in New York at 19 and came to Seattle in 1990. After suffering from serious foot aches, he found some useful insoles which helped his feet feel a lot better. Within four weeks Mark began what has become an unheard of continuous career nearing 20 years of non-stop activism, advocacy, and aid for anyone has earned him a nomination for the prestigious Greater Seattle Business Association¹s Community Leadership Award.
 Among Mark Finley¹s many other accomplishments:
 Goodwill Ambassador for Seattle¹s Greater GLBT Community at the 25th Anniversary of Stonewall Celebration Performed 37 performances in 9 days for New York City¹s Gay Games Helping establish Gay Bingo! for the now Lifelong AIDS Alliance
 Columnist for Seattle¹s 1st Gay magazine 2002, MC for the 90¹s Seattle Pride Festival Co-creator/Hostess for Bat-N-Rouge Creator/Hostess of Neighbours Niteclub¹s 80s Night Rock Lobster Co-anchor/Commentator of Downtown Pride Parade for UPN11 Named Entertainer of the Year by the Seattle Spotlight a record setting four consecutive times.
 Named Best MC, Best Live Male Entertainer and Best Drag Performer in other GLBT community-wide votes.
 MC for the Capitol Hill Pride Festival on Broadway 2009
 Mark has also been recognized as a ³Saint² by The International Order of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence within the GLBT World taking on the name of ³Saint Ms. Mark Finley, Our Lady of Chartreuse - Patron Saint of All Things FAAAAABulous!²

Time U.S.         Bank stage in front of Casa Del Ray
La         Cocina Stage Vajra         Stage Galarias         Stage Faerie Circle Stage
 Kids Zone
 Toddlers to Tweens
 (corner of Mercer and Broadway)
 Noon- 6pm
Street/Other Locations


Mak Fai Lion Dance

Over 20 performers!




 ElectroMuse - TNT Espresso
Mark "Mom" Finley Kabuki Performance
 Mark Finley made his stage debut at 10. Living in Nagasaki, Japan at 17 he mastered Nihon Buyo (17th century traditional dance) & Kabuki (traditional stage drama).
11:00am Tribute - Rev. Ray Neal, Seattle Metropolitan Church 11:15am - 11:30pm :Marc Finley intro
11:30am Accomplishments - George Baken. Speakers on Civil Rights accomplishements and future
Opening 11:30am - 12:15pm :FunkScribe /DJ -funk / soul
12:00am Ayla - Tribal Bellydancing 12:15pm - 1:00pm :Dub Down /Band -reggae Opening Opening of Faerie Circle
 Dr. Da Da-Comedian
12:30           MGQ - Modern Gentlemen's Quartet Galarias DJ Face Painting
1:00  Doggie Drag Costume Contest winner announced 1:00pm - 1:15pm :Buddhaful Fashion Show
Men of Valor 
1:15pm - 2:00pm :The Rev. Love Virus /DJ -house
EriAm Sisters
2:00pm - 2:45pm :The Panda Conspiracy /Band -rock
2:30 2:45pm - 3:30pm :Surrealized /Band -electronica Paint your parents
        Massive Monkeys Dance Crew
3:30pm - 4:15pm :Role:One /Band -live hip hop
3:30 Nubian Pride

Bakra Bata - steel drums and dance performing ensemble
4:15pm - 5:00pm :Just One /DJ -lOlyBass Under-U for men fashion show
5:00 Satellite by Night 5:00pm - 5:45pm :Marmalade /Band -disco funk
5:30  BenDeLaCreme 5:45pm - 6:30pm :Splatinum /Band -Glitch
6:00 Huggy B.- Healthy Hip Hop
 wearing his actual marathon medals and loves the best thin pizza in chicago
Fairy Stage Closes
6:30pm - 7:15pm :Matty Sun /DJ -house
7:00 Satellite by Night 7:15pm - 7:30pm :Dyke March
7:15 Street cleared for Dyke March Street cleared for Dyke March Street cleared for Dyke March
        Leon Hendrix Band
- vocals, rythm & lead guitar Mark Stella - bass, backing vocals
 Robert Bobby Rae Fisher - guitarist
 Neil Kirkland - drums, keyboards, backing vocals
7:30pm - 8:45pm :Planet Erf /DJ -electro / breaks
8:30 Leon Hendrix Band 8:45pm - close :Future Nurses /DJ -psy trance The sound system::
10:00pm Closing Closing Vajra Stage

About the Artists - developing     

Ayla- Tribal Bellydancing          www.myspace.com/tribal_voodoo . Performing at the first annual Capitol Hill Pride Festival in 2009, Ayla returns for a showstopping performance.
Bakra Bata - Seattle, WA -Bakra Bata introduces audiences of all ages to traditional and contemporary forms of Caribbean music, drumming, percussion and dance that originate in the trans-Atlantic cultures as they have developed in the Americas.Featuring theater, masquerade, stilting, and dance presentations that highlight steel drums and colorful costumes and masks.
Buddhaful Clothing buddhaful.com -Buddhaful is a grass roots company. Since it's birth in 1998, Buddhaful has grown as a local Seattle, Washington clothing and fashion event organization to become not just an entity for apparel retail with accounts worldwide, but a sponsor for events promoting art, fashion, music and life. Currently, Buddhaful Wear can be found in Japan, UK, Hong Kong, Bali, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, France, England, Spain, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Israel, and all over the United States.
Dub Down - Seattle, WA myspace.com/thedubdown Stingshark- VOX, guitar Paul Huppler- drums Chris Jones- bass -fusing roots reggae, dustup, and drum & bass, local trio Dubdown has been hitting the Seattle reggae scene by storm. Releasing original hits such as "Ninja Dub," "Dancehall," and "Tango & Cash," you can catch them performing live at many of Seattles' underground venues.
DJ DubWun Orlando, FL myspace.com/djdubwun -Spinning an eclectic blend of east coast and west coast styles, from D&B to dustep, IDM to electroŠDJ DubWun peaks every hour, on the hour.
EriAm Sisters - Renton, WA. www.eriamsisters.com A trio sisters who have been on "America's Got Talent". Check out their new hit Diary!
FunkScribe Seattle, WA myspace.com/funkscribe -Funkscribe aka Anthony Walker is an analog synthesist, devout vintage keyboard freak, old school vinyl funk 45 DJ, hip hop beat producer and moreŠ
Future Nuses - Seattle, WA hotwiredseattle.com Osiris Indriya & Amanita (Brian Enoch) -Deep and progressive, driving and melodicŠwith over a decade of producing and mixing at large festivals, gatherings and nightclubs, Osiris and Amanita skillfully blend elements of electro, techno, and trance into a unique and powerful medicine all their own. Side affects may include feelings of spontaneous euphoria, elevated heart rate, night sweats, audio hallucinations and the sudden and uncontrollable urge to move.
HuggyB - Seattle based hip hop artist HUGGY B performs and produces top notch music focusing on healthy living and keeping it real.
 "Huggy B and SDH use the stage as a vehicle to drive home the point that homophobia should not have a safe haven in hip-hop music."- 12/26,         SGN
 Eminem are you listening?
 With songs such as "Crush A Lot," "CARBS," and "Vegetarian Food," HUGGY B combines humor and social commentary into strong hip hop jams about (but not limited to) having crushes, riding bikes, gardening, vegan food, shopping at the co-op, going on bad dates, redefining masculinity, and beyond. HUGGY B also dominates in the art of freestyling, often asking audience members for topics to freestyle about. HUGGY B's beats draw inspiration from jazz, bay area underground hip hop, 90's east coast conscious hip hop, and drum 'n bass. A former resident of San Francisco, HUGGY B has performed extensively around the San Francisco Bay Area, including the Peace Out Hip Hop festival, Oakland Pride, and the San Francisco Public Library. HUGGY B continues to perform in the Pacific Northwest, at venues such as the Royal in Olympia, Blowpony in Portland, and Chop Suey, The ReBar, and The Wildrose in Seattle.
Just One
Leon Hendrix Band known as Leon Hendrix Mysterience Releases Their CD; "KEEPER OF THE FLAME" Lyrics Touch On a Story of the Hendrix Brothers Childhoods in the Central District, History Is Made
Mark Stella - bass, backing vocals
 Robert Bobby Rae Fisher - guitarist
 Neil Kirkland - drums, keyboards, backing vocals
Men Of Valor Aka: M.O.V. with their excitement and energy is set to release their first studio album this fall. MOV is a real band comprised of 4 young extraordinary musicians coming from very diverse musical families. Men Of Valor,the young musicians with old souls deliver. But after you realize how long Cedric Thomas, Max Watters From Seattle , Jhauvon Harrison and Dave¹ron Madden have been playing music only then do you get a better understanding of the magnitude of their God given gifts.
Marmalade Seattle, WA myspace.com/marmaladejams Ernest Pumphrey, JR- VOX Davee C- drums Bob Lovelace- bass, lyrics Stingshark- guitar, VOX Leopold Bloom- turntables Buddhaful Mike- keys Chad Redlight- keys, drums, VOX Kimo- tenor sax, guitar, VOX Big Talk- alto & baritone sax Shapey- turntables, shapechanger CD Littlefield- trumpet -It is time to change your conception of Seattle based music. For over a decade, a new style of music has been growing and evolving in the clubs of this famous west coast city. Marmalade embodies this new music we call Groove.
Massive Monkees - Founded in the mid-90's, Seattle's award-winning Massive Monkees have taken the art of break dancing to new heights, captivating audiences with an exciting repertoire of acrobatic moves and innovative choreography. Their precision, timing and agility of movement, coupled with artistic interpretations of diverse musical genres, sets them apart from other break dancers in hip-hop culture. In recognition of their artistry, the Seattle Arts Commission recently honored the group with The Mayor's Arts Award. Members of the crew have performed with and/or choreographed performances for artists such as LL Cool J, Beyonce, Nas, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Ludacris, Jurassic 5, Tyrese, and Alicia Keys.
 Appearances include MTV's "Made", Showtime at the Apollo, and Xbox promotions. Dominating the highest levels of international competition, they have an impressive resume of 1st Place titles, including winning the prestigious World B-Boy Championships at London's Wembley Arena in 2004. This fall, they placed 3rd in competition on MTV's hit reality show America's Best Dance Crew.
MGQ - Modern Gentlemen's         Quartet - http://www.reverbnation.com/mgq . Jazz, Blues, Swing. Members: Ronaldo Ambrassa (bass), Mark Gladding (sax), Ed Portnow (drums), Owen Yen (guitar).
The Panda Conspiracy Seattle, WA Chris Poage- keys, sax, VOX TJ Berry- guitar, VOX Sandy Dickerson- bass Katie Clayton- trumpet Ryan Lago- drums -The Panda Conspiracy is a five piece band hailing from the Pacific Northwest bringing you sounds from Riff Rock to Big Band Dub.
Role: One - Seattle, WA myspace.com/roleone MC LBD-VOX, Guitar Stingshark- VOX, Guitar Lenox Holness- Bass "Professor" Adam Hicks- Keys David Levin- Drums Gabril Williams- Guitar -In 2005, back home in Seattle after a tour of Europe, MC LBD and Stingshark made a decision to blend digital and live rhythms; creating digital tracks in the studio then adapt them to a live stage experience with a full band. Sharing the stage with artists such as Morris Day and the Time, Fishbone, Parliament Funkadelic, Spearhead, Eek-A-Mouse and Pharcyde, they began performing with Adam Hicks, Lenox Holness, and flamenco drummer/percussionist David Levin, adding an underlying Spanish feel.
Satellite by Night - Seattle, WA www.satellitebynight.com Fusion

Splatinum - Seattle, WA splatinum.com -Splatinum is the collaboration of Andrew Luck and Adam Houghton aka Dosadi. Their musical output spans genres but the common element of devastating low-end threads through every composition. The two have been busy in the studio lending remixes to the likes of Sleepy Eyes of Death and Mochipet, with a full album release forthcoming on the Daly City label this spring.

Stingshark - Seattle, WA, VOX, Guitar. http://www.myspace.com/stingshark. Mutant mix of rock, reggae, and soul; a new breed born out of the Phat Sidy Smokehouse¹s Phat Phamily. Led by long-time Phat Sidy guitarist Brian ³StingShark² Ray, the group features top musicians from the Seattle club scene and a new sound that is elevating Northwest dance floors to a frenzy. StingShark is Brian Ray¹s singing and song-writing overlaid on the Phat Sidy orchestration. His lyrics, both personal and real, joined with hard-hitting grooves create a sense of a lovers bite of passion.

        Surrealized - Seattle, WA myspace.com/surrealized Rob Anonymous- beats, programming, live effecting, samples Kimo Muraki- VOX, guitar, lap steel, coronet, live loops & samples Tim Reha- visuals, multi-media projections -Gifting knowledge of the audible psyche via direct communication with all other subconscious minds so to interpret the objective mind and impart impressions received to other objective minds while overseeing the evolutionary effects of such precious gifts on all past, present, and future biological organisms, human or otherwise, as such information is stored and in the same moment made available to unity all thingsŠ
Shapeshifter Seattle, WA myspace.com/djshapeshifter -DJ Shapeshifter has played with many of Seattle's premier talent such as, Freeschool with Reggie Watts, KEXP's Darek Mazzone, KJ Sawka, BLOC Records recording artist, BR8, as well as KRS-1, Storm and the Balls, Chris Ballew, Common Market, The Rebels, Maktub, and rocked such venues as the House of Blues and Club Ice in Las Vegas, Nevada, Le Bunker (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Le Floride's 30th Anniversary Party (Nantes, France) and IOT Disco Teche in Tarragonna, Spain.

Booth Vendors and Booth Numbers to           Date

Business Name Booth Number
 Action for Animals 48
 Align Chiropractic 28
 Allyship 123
 Ayla 120
 Backfire Chiropractic 127
 Backpack Project 26
 BECU 25a
 Camp 10 Trees 121
 Canvas US 82
 CHNRC 122
 Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce and BIA 77-78
 Castle Megastore 74-75
 Center for Human Services 16
 Charlie's Dog House 86
 Choke Shirt Company 83
 Cookie Lady 128
 Cleo Wolfus 31
 Crossroads 42
 ElectroMuse 43
 EriAm Sisters 94
 Eric Katz Massage 104
 Evergreen Chiropractic 89
 Galerias - Stage
 Gisele's Collections 27

Goat Milk Candy and Svedala Bakery 124
 Gyro World 25
 Hardware Salon 109
 Hemp n' More 23
 Harem 97 India Imports 72-73
 Joule Apartment 13,14
 Julia's on Broadway 87-88
 Jup Jup Jup 68
 Leon Hendrix Band 47
 March Hats 106
 Massai Ethnic Treasures 65
 Massive Monkeys 44
 Metro 53-54
 Metropolitan Community Church Seattle 24
 Mishu 29
 Mud Bay 49
 Northwest Network 105
 Ni Sandwiches 80
 Nubian Pride Productions 93
 Panevino Trattoria Italiana Bar
 Panache 55-56
 Pasquale Santos roaming
 Patrick's Creations Art and Jewelry 98
PawCouture 92
 PAWS 39
 Perfect Print and Copy 46
 Pho 900 79
 Poppy 134
 Red Light 90-91
 Saffron Drop 41
 Seattle Central Community College 70
 Seattle Dept of Transportation - 81
 Seattle HIV Vaccine Trials 22
 Seoul Shortribs 95a
 Seattle Museum of the Mysteries 3
 Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence 21
 Snipe Habitate 15
 Sound Transit
 Sound Transit Steetcar 69
 Table 219 61-62
 Three Dollar Bill Cinema 30
 Tibetan Handicrafts 50
 U. S. Bank 44
 Under U for Men 6,7
 Vajra - Ladies of Avalon 114
 Vassa P Accessories 76
 Walden Lane Gourmet 17
 World Beads 51-52
 World of Meditation 40
 Youth Suicide Prevention Program 95
 Zambalh 57

 Map to Date - June 26, 2010



Akasha - Pomeranian owned by Christina Thomas.
 Winner of the first annual Capitol Hill Pride Festival 2009
 Doggie Drag Contest. 

Pre - Register for           the Doggie Drag Costume Contest
 Who let the dogs out?
 Pre-Register for the Doggie Drag Costume Contest and have a chance to win a Trophy, Gift Basket, bragging
 rights and be placed on next years poster!
 Co-Sponsored by Mudbay

                  Its Easy!

 Safely and Responsible dress your pet and take a photo in the comfort of your own home.
 Submit a 4 x 6 color photo or digital file.
 List information on the back of the photo with dog¹s show name:
 ex: Champion Misty Mistique St. Bernard of our Lady of Broadway, your name, phone and e-mail.

 Stop by the registration booth at the festival, Corner of Broadway and Thomas near Mudbay Sat. June 26,
 10am-1pm. Inperson or bring your photo.

Registrant will receive a number. Final Judging at 1pm. Sat. June 26, 2010
 Registrant need not be present to win
 Photo category,
 Five top dogs will be selected and from those five, Best in Show.
 Categories 1. Best Attitude 2. Best Costume 3. Best puppy 4. Best Character 5. Best Senior
 Hosted by the Seattle Museum of the Mysteries 501(c)3 nonprofit supporting diversity and Mudbay
 Proceeds will go to support the general festival fund.


$5 registration sugg. donation per entrant.

1. George Baken - Publisher of Seattle Gay News
2. Philip "Philananda" Lipson
3. Sister Casta Spella
4. Sister Kootchi Van Beaverhouse
5. Jessica Stepka from Mudbay

Best in Show Judge: Mark "Mom" Finley

News 3/1/2010 - The Capitol Hill Pride Committe is proud to announce it has received a Small and Simple Matching Fund Project Grant from the City of Seattle Mayor's office. We are delighted as this will afford better development and outreach for the community festival this year.

This project is funded in part by a Neighborhood               Matching Fund award of the
              Seattle Department of Neighborhoods

Booths are now closed. Thank You!
 10 x 10 Booth spaces on Broadway
 Non Profits: $50
 Broadway and Capitol Hill Businesses: $100
 General Booth:$100
 Booth spaces are for the space only and do not include tables or chairs.
 Nonprofits and Broadway businesses will receive first consideration so send in your application today for best placement!
 Deadline is June 15, 2010.

Click HERE for PDF of Booth Application

Announcing an open call to all             Artists and Entertainers,
            Please submit your information to capitolhillfestival@gmail.com
            with Artist in the subject line for committee review.
            Deadline April 15, 2010.
            Thank you!

Brought to you by
          the Seattle Museum of the Mysteries, Broadway Businesses and Supporters

          Photos           from the
          Capitol Hill Pride Festival 2009
All ages festival celebrating diversity and community Pride Live Entertainment
 Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Stonewall!
 Over 5,000 attended!


Who we are and Contact Information:

Capitol Hill Pride Festival Committee
Charlette LeFevre -Festival Development
 Philip Lipson - Booth and Volunteer Coordination
 Kami Bodily and Mudbay - Capitol Hill Doggie Drag Costume Contest
 Mark Mom Finley - Development and MC
 George Baken - Advisor
 Rev. Ray Neal - Development and Speaker
 Lee Sorrono - Decorations, Casa Del Ray Apartments
 Lainy Bagwell - Official Festival Filmer
 Sister Opelia - Advisor for Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
          Celine LeFevre - Booth Coordination

Festival Development:
 Charlette LeFevre
 Please place Capitol Hill Pride Festival in subject line.

General Booth Information and Volunteer           Coodinator
 Philip Lipson, Seattle Museum of the Mysteries
 Please place Booth or Volunteer in subject line.

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          Thanks to Sponsors, Donors and Supporters of the event!

Seattle Museum of the Mysteries
 Organizers and Fiscal Agent of the Festival

                  Media Sponsor

Thank You
 MaryAnne Snyder


                  This project is funded in part by a Neighborhood                   Matching Fund award of the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods                   

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